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At TEMPLE COLLECTIVE, we specialize in anti-aging by providing the highest quality cosmetic and aesthetic injectables, facial, and skincare treatments.


TEMPLE COLLECTIVE prides itself on using the finest ingredients for facials. Where most spa’s fall flat in this area by delivering lesser quality products to cut their costs, we use only the best. This way our clients see instant results that they came in for. 

Our spa also maximizes skincare goals by using microdermabrasion, microneedling, and the finest home skin care lines available. By also carrying high end machines like Deep Tissue laser therapy systems for pain relief , we want to be your trusted space for collective beauty, health and wellness.

Our providers at TEMPLE COLLECTIVE also specialize in helping our clients achieve ultimate skin health by educating our clients on proper medical-grade products and integrating appropriate and evidence-based skin health procedures to their personalized program.



Facial Treatments

Sexual Health (Men & Women)




Hair Restoration

Laser Therapy

IV Drips

Vita Shots

PRP (platelet rich plasma)


Spray Tan

Semaglutide Weightloss Program

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