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How often should you get a facial?

Wondering how often should you get a facial? It depends on your skin type, age, and time of year. Read on to find out more about facial treatments.

How often should you get a facial?

Your skin is one incredible thing. The largest organ of the body, our skin acts as a shield from the outside world. It keeps us safe, and looks good while doing it, too! Unfortunately, this mighty hero goes unsung far too often, as many individuals unknowingly take inadequate care of their skin, or are unhappy with its appearance. One of the most effective ways to ensure your skin gets the love and care it deserves is to get a facial from time to time. Facials are an excellent way to reward both yourself and your skin for working hard, while also promoting its health and beauty. But how frequently should you get facials in order to reap the full benefits?

Things to Consider

How Often Should you get a Facial?

There are several factors that can help determine when its time to get a facial. Skin type, cosmetic goals, climate, skin care needs, and the kind of facial you are considering are all variables that come into play. Some facials are safe to have done frequently while others should remain seldom used.

For instance, you can get a superficial peel once every two weeks. On the other hand, a chemical peel is recommended once every few months, depending on the strength of the chemicals used.

Deep chemical peels are only recommended once in your lifetime. These use potent solutions that would otherwise damage your skin if applied frequently. Laser facial treatments are spread out over several sessions. Sometimes, you go for a session once a week or a month. This depends on the type of laser being used.

There are no clear guidelines on how often you must apply at-home facials and face masks. If you are not sure what your skin needs, the best move would be to consult a licensed dermatologist or aesthetician. Get in touch with us today. We will examine your skin and determine what facial is best for you and how often you should get it.

How Often Do You Need Facials?

Let's further explore a handful of the many factors to consider when determining how often to get a facial treatment

Your Skin Type

There are some skin types that need facials more frequently than others. For example, if you have oily skin and you experience lots of acne and breakouts, you may need to get a facial twice a month. You can do this until the issues have calmed down. If you have dry, normal, or combination skin, you can get a facial once a month.

The Condition of Your Skin

A woman feeling her smooth face

How often should you get a facial?

Apart from doing away with blackheads and exfoliating dry skin, facials also help reduce dark spots caused by bad habits and long-term skin damage. This means you may need to get facials more frequently if your goal is to have a more even skin tone.

Facials can also help individuals with dull skin and hyperpigmentation. As you might imagine, this simply means the frequency of getting facials in some instances depends on what problems you are trying to solve. However, it’s crucial to do this under the guidance of a professional, so you don’t end up damaging your skin.

Your Skin Care Goals

Another factor to consider when it comes to how frequently you should get facials is what you are trying to achieve. Some people want younger-looking skin for a lifetime. If that’s the case with you, then you shouldn’t wait for problems to surface to start getting facials. Instead, you can find out from your dermatologist how frequently you can do chemical peels, laser facials, and at-home facials. You should take facial routines seriously if you care about the appearance of your skin.

Seasonal Weather Conditions

Your skin will have different needs depending on the weather in your town or city. The same applies to seasons. Your skin’s needs also change as the temperature and weather conditions change. For instance, professionals generally recommend that you pay more attention to the needs of your skin during the hotter summer months.

Should Everyone Get a Facial?

Your skin’s needs are unique. Therefore, you can’t follow a blanket approach when it comes to caring for it. Just because something worked for someone, it doesn’t mean you should try it out. For example, not every skin type will react well to some types of facials. This is why you should first find out how different types of facials work and what type of skin you have.

People with normal skin are those who don’t experience excessive oil production or dry, flaky skin. If you fall under this group, you can pretty much get any type of facial you want. However, if you have dry skin, you should avoid deep exfoliation facials. These are too rough for dry skin, and they will cause irritation. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t get facials at all. Instead of exfoliating your skin, you can focus on facials that help moisturize your skin.

You also have to be careful with mature skin. As you age, circulation generally slows down, together with the rate at which your body produces more skin cells. As a result, you should avoid harsh skin treatments and deep chemical peels. The same applies to sensitive skin. If your skin is highly reactive, you may need to get a more personalized mixture for your facials. This means it may not be a good idea to do too many at-home treatments or use heavy chemicals.

How often should you get a facial?

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How often should you get a facial?
Wondering how often should you get a facial? It depends on your skin type, age, and time of year. Read on to find out more about facial treatments.
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