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How Do I Remove My Lash Extensions?  

Lash extensions can transform your whole beauty routine in an instant, giving you effortless glamor for weeks

Anyone who does makeup can vouch that eyelashes are essential to any complete look. Lashes do for the face what a big bow and ribbon do for a gift box; they bring the whole thing together.

Lash extensions can transform your whole beauty routine in an instant. For weeks you will be able to look effortlessly glamorous, eliminating the need to apply false eyelashes or mascara every day. Lash Extensions save you time and energy while giving you more volume and definition than mascara. The bad news is, however, that lash extensions don’t last forever. After a few weeks (if you don’t pre-empt them) they might start falling out. The solution is to remove them before that can happen.

How Long Will Lash Extensions Typically Last? 

Since lash extensions are applied and attached to the eyelash itself, they will last no longer than the natural growth cycle of your eyelash, which can be anywhere from four to eight weeks. Typically, the eyelash cycle sticks to six weeks. As time passes, you will notice that certain areas along the lash line are becoming sparse. You can ‘refill’ these areas with new lash extensions, or you can wait for your natural eyelashes to grow out and let the lash extensions fall out naturally.

a woman receiving eyelash extensions from an esthetician

Waiting for the lashes to fall out naturally is not harmful and in no way unhygienic. In fact, allowing your lash extensions to fall out naturally is recommended by most estheticians. When you attempt to remove your own lash extensions prematurely, or improperly, you run the risk of pulling out your real lashes.

Please note that the best way to remove your lash extensions is by allowing a professional to do it. They have removal serums that are designed specifically to gently break down the advanced adhesive and break the extension free with ease. Having them professionally removed is proven to be the most effective and least damaging way to quickly and efficiently remove lash extensions. Still, though; If there are few extensions remaining and you would like to make them look uniform by removing them yourself, there are some key steps you should follow in order to avoid any pain, damage, or frustration.

How to Remove Your Lash Extensions: A Step-by-step guide

Lash Extension Removal

Start by cleaning your face. The aim here is to get rid of any eye makeup or mascara that might remain on the eyelash extensions. Wash your face like you would do every day, with cleanser and warm water. Do not scrub anywhere near your eyes though - you don’t want to pull on your eyelashes and damage them. When drying the face, pat the eyes dry with a towel. you may also use your preferred makeup remover wipes or serum to gently lift away any stubborn makeup on the eye.

Get some steam on your face. The easiest method of doing so is to take a steamy shower, lasting around 15 minutes. You can also create a steam facial by pouring a few cups of boiling water into a bowl. position your makeup-free face above the bowl. Then, place a towel around the back of your head, allowing the ends of the towel to drape over the sides of the bowl. The goal is to seal your face in with the bowl of water so that the steam is trapped.

Steam will help to loosen the eyelash extension glue, which will deactivate the adhesive. If you had the lash extensions done at a salon, you should be aware that they probably used long-lasting glue, so expect that it will take a certain amount of effort to break the bond between the extensions and your natural eyelashes. You might have to do this in segments of around 30 seconds each, repeated over a 15-minute period.

Use a cotton ball and apply a natural oil to it. Dip a cotton ball in a natural oil such as castor oil or olive oil and gently start applying the oil to your eyelashes. Concentrate on the actual hair and not only the lash line. You will soon notice that some of the extensions are starting to fall off. Getting the lashes slick with oil will help the glue and extensions to come off with minimal resistance, and minimal stress on your natural lash. Repeat the process until all the lash extensions have been removed. This method is meant for topical and physical use, so carefully try to avoid getting the oil in your eye. If you do happen to get any of the oil in your eyes, use eye drops to soothe. Castor oil should not burn the eyeball and is not harmful, however it can cause the vision to become blurred for a while.

If you get stuck with an obstinate lash, resist the temptation to grab a pair of tweezers. You might end up badly damaging our natural lashes. Just repeat the above process until you are satisfied with the results.

Lash Extensions Removal

Rinse your face. After all the lash extensions have been removed, don’t forget to rinse your face. If you have it available, use a gentle face cleanser - but otherwise, warm water will do the job. Make sure to rinse your eyelashes to get rid of any remaining oil and maybe one or two persistent lash extensions. Once more, blot your face dry with a towel.

You do not need to take a break in between lash extensions. Properly applied eyelash extensions can be worn indefinitely, as there is no reason why they should be damaged. That being said, please visit a trusted and experienced lash tech (always, but especially if you believe your lash health is lacking) to give you their honest opinion on whether or not you should wait to get another set.

Temple Collective provides lash removal services for our clients. Please call today to schedule your appointment!


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